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This classic Slingshot was picked up from a fellow forum member of in June of 2013 and intended to be a quick build for a customer who was always begging me to sell them one of my streetfighters.

It needed a place for the rider to sit, so I set about my subframe options. The common route is to weld lugs to the back of the frame, but with no TIG welder at that time, I decided to develop a fully bolt-on subframe solution. I started by designing lugs that would bolt into the back of the frame. These were attached with two bolts each through holes drilled into the frame and secured with flange nuts. The lugs and its attachment points were fully engineered to exceed the tensile and shear strength of the stock subframe rail. The rest of the subframe was CNC machined from billet 6061 aluminum and bolts together with stainless steel hardware to completely eliminate the need for AC TIG welding. The bottom subframe spar loops forward over the frame crossmember and bolts into the rear motor mount points. 


With the subframe sorted, the gas tank got some bodywork and a nice coat of metallic orange paint. A Trailtech gauge was fitted to the fat dirt bars. A unique headlight bracket setup holds the twin rectangular headlights to the top triple clamp to eliminate clutter on the fork tubes and a one-off sheet aluminum shroud keeps them covered up and looking like a transformer. A broken set of integrated tail lights donated their LED arrays to a CNC machined aluminum tail light housing.

The rest of the tail shrouds were cut and bent from aluminum sheet.


The transaction for the original buyer fell through and the bike was traded for a TIG welder in July 2013.


All Images Copyright Dogmeat Enigma 2014