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This F4i was liberated in 2011 from a fellow that lowsided on a cold spring day in Ellensburg.

It first needed some new forks so it would ride straight and a headlight shroud to conceal the gigantic plastic abomination of a headlight. Still in my early years of OA welding, I tried my hand at making a stainless headlight shroud by beating it into shape by hand and welding bits together. It turned out looking like a gladiator helmet of sorts. The bulbous tail plastic was scrapped for a sleeker 600RR tail fairing, which took a liberal trimming of the rear subframe to prevent it from sticking out the back of the plastic. The tail was then nestled back into the plastic cowl. The stock exhaust can was cut entirely into a slash-cut can and welded back up again before polishing. 


For the second phase of the build, the gladiator helmet was binned for a retro-style rectangular headlight from a Chevy truck. I always did have a thing for the 80's and this look brought me back to the days of the Ascot and Sabre. A custom 4-way adjustable mounting system was welded up using threaded rod to house the automotive headlight and a sheetmetal shroud was welded around it to bring some dualsport looks to the table. A shade of flat OD green was chosen for the paint, although the satin clear turned out way to glossy and diminished the effect of the concept.


It sold in 2012.


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